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Opinion: Cryptocurrency and Wealth Redistribution68.55
2018 has been a harsh period for cryptocurrencies prices in general. Prices, in general, have been falling from late January until now, with the usual ups and downs. Nevertheless, as prices and technology rarely come hand-to-hand, during this period we’ve seen some conceptual improvements started being implemented, such as Ethereum side-chains and plasma or Bitcoin’s
Hackers hide cryptocurrency mining malware in Adobe Flash updates158.15
Cryptocurrency scammers have gotten extra creative and are now hiding mining malware in legitimate updates of Adobe Flash Player. Researchers from cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks discovered a fake Flash updater which has been doing the rounds since early August. While it claims to install a legitimate Flash update, the malicious file sneaks in a cryptocurrency mining bot called XMRig (which ...
I’m very sorry, but you’re going to have to learn to love the blockchain213.24
I apologize. I get it. You hear “blockchain” and you immediately think “shady get-rich-quick schemes” or “bubble of magical fake Internet money” or “libertarian enfants terribles,” and when a true believer tries to explain to you why you should care, why it will change the world beyond just minting a new set of paper oligarchs, you think “wait, why not just use a database?” I hear you.
Blockchain is the New Cool, Fidelity Channels $2.5 Billion to Research257.55
Fidelity, the 72-year mutual fund famous at Wall Street than in Silicon Valley, is changing tact and investing billions of dollars in emerging technologies as blockchain a Fidelity executive has revealed. For its long history, the firm plan to compete with tech companies and not outperform traditional competitors as Charles Swab because “blockchain is the new cool.”