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The Blockchain Revolution in Collectibles0.02
Currently, collectibles are a $370-billion-dollar market. Even without blockchain technology, digital items and collectibles are collectively a $35-million-dollar market which is growing annually. Even if crypto-collectibles were to capture a small fraction of this entire market, the space could easily be worth $10s of billions of dollars in the coming years.
Bitcoin's Hashrate is at an All-Time High

This recent jump and constant rise in hashrate over the past few months shows a consistent level of interest in mining the digital token, despite remaining below the important $8,000 price mark. The upside of this continuous increase in mining is that it results in increased competition between miners creating an ever-improving security of the overall network.

From the data presented we can draw the conclusion that the overall outlook on Bitcoin is bullish, at least in the eyes of the miners. After all, miners would not want to allocate their resources mining a digital asset they believe to be worthless. Miners are in the business to make money and perhaps the downturn in this market will allow them to accumulate more bitcoin at lower prices in preparation for the next Bull Run.

Bitcoin Price Decline Caused by Hodlers’ Unprecedented $30 Billion Sell-Off0.03

New research from blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis suggests that it was long-term investors, hands calloused from years of hodling though they may have been, who triggered the decline and then continued to sell into the dip — to the tune of $30 billion worth of bitcoin between Dec. 2017 and April 2018.

According to Chainalysis, those former hodlers largely sold to new speculators — not other long-term investors, shifting the balance of bitcoin wealth away from those with a demonstrated ability to hodl through adversity and toward buyers who may not have the stomach for a multi-year bear market.