Bitfinex'ed Twitter Account Known for Criticism of Bitfinex and Tether Got Suspended

On Wednesday night (approximately 2:00 PST), the holder of the popular Twitter account Bitfinex'ed announced on Reddit that his or her account had been suspended due to mass reporting on the published tweets.

After Failing to spam my Twitter with 400,000 fake followers, Bitfinex hires bots to mass-report my tweets and accounts. from Buttcoin

Bitfinex'ed is a known critic of market manipulation schemes, and especially the case of producing of Tether tokens (USDT). In November 2017, there was a raising doubt in the crypto community on whether USDT tokens issued by Tether, whose ownership is closely linked to Bitfinex exchange, did have their proclaimed backing in US dollars or maybe they were just printed out to pump the Bitcoin price.

Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin.

Bitfinex'ed continuously investigated the matter as well as some other issues about the two companies.

The community reacted to the account's suspension with sympathy, willing to help, and jeering remarks towards the case.

Some users, however, expressed some kind of gloating (Bitfinex'ed says the Bitcoin price is artificially high).

Bitfinex'ed also has a blog on Medium with all of the investigations available.

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