Bitfinex adds SegWit support0.06

World's largest cryptocurrency exchange added SegWit support for bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Improvement should decrease withdrawal fees up to 15% and processing times on bitcoin transactions should also drop substantially.

Quote from company press-release:

SegWit is the process of increasing block size limits by separating signature data from transactional data in bitcoin transactions. In addition to increasing capacity, SegWit will also effectively fix transaction malleability, a potential attack based around the modification of transaction IDs prior to network confirmation. SegWit also lays the foundation for future Bitcoin development efforts, including the implementation of Lightning Network, which will allow the network to process millions of transactions per second.


Мессенджер Telegram открыл вторую закрытую предпродажу токенов своей ещё не анонсированной блокчейн-системы Telegram Open Network (TON), рассказали четыре источника The Verge. В ходе первого этапа компания собрала $850 млн.


Coinbase rushed to announce the SegWit support as well:

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