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    Vitalik Buterin Claims He's No Billionaire in Twitter Crypto Fight

    In a Twitter post, Buterin, who helped start the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, Ether, and continues to drive the development of underlying technology, said he never personally held more than 0.9 percent of the cryptocurrency, which has a market cap of $20.1 billion. Buterin posted a link Wednesday to his digital wallet, which currently holds 365,003 Ether, valued at about $73 million, and includes gifts and charity donations. Buterin said he has other wallets, "but they’re quite small relatively speaking."

    Bithumb to Launch Decentralized Exchange Targeting Global Markets0.01
     Bithumb exchange is planning to expand their business overseas, as there are too many regulations and restrictions domestically. The new exchange will not rely on third-party service to trade cryptos, it will be a decentralized exchange. This will allow the trades transactions automation. This will also enable the company to diversify services and reduce threats. One Root Network (RNT) will be of...
    RBI Asks Supreme Court of India to Stay Out of Crypto Decisions0.01
    RBI files an affidavit with the Supreme Court of India in response to the petitions against a crypto-banking ban. RBI further argues saying that the petitioners have shown no reasonable grounds for the Supreme Court involvement in their crypto-ban decisions. After several arguments and court hearings, the matter is still unclear, and the hearing is set on 25th September 2018.