PreAMo Malware Poses a big Risk to Mobile Cryptocurrency Users18

Cryptocurrency users who often rely on mobile devices are prone to various potential security incidents. One recent discovery shows how millions of Android users were at risk of having to deal with PreAMo malware. This particular strain is nefarious for many different reasons, as it has the ability to bypass two-factor authentication methods linked to the infected device This is a big problem for cryptocurrency users, as most exchanges provide 2FA through SMS these days.

Every single time a new report surfaces regarding mobile device malware strains, it is ignored at first. This is primarily because most of these efforts require users to download new or dodgy applications before the strain becomes effective. In the case of PreAMo, that situation is a bit different. It had the potential to infect millions of Android users globally, albeit it seems Google has finally put an end to this threat. Even so, it remains unclear how much damage has been done in the process.

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