4 Indicators Bitcoin has Been Distributed More Evenly Since 201726

There are always interesting discussions going on when it comes to Bitcoin. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has a very intriguing distribution scheme, albeit one that looks very different from what most people might expect. It is believed over 19 million BTC addresses own $1 worth of Bitcoin or more, which further shows the distribution of this currency is a lot more widespread than people assume.

It is good to see a lot more Bitcoin addresses own $1 worth of BTC or more. While that might not seem overly important given the current price momentum, one always has to look at the much bigger picture. Compared to late November of 2017 – when BTC peaked – there are 3.1 million extra addresses with a balance of $1 or more. A very big shift, and one few people expected to see after the past 18 months.

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