The U.S. Dollar May Depreciate

The US dollar has a very high valuation. A quick look at the dollar index shows this very clearly. At 96.7030, the US dollar has a very high valuation. Investors should be aware that the dollar index is heavily weighted in favor of the euro. There are six currencies included in determining the dollar index:

The safe-haven currencies that are currently in vogue are the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc as they appear to be the most stable. In the 1960s, 1 (one) US dollar was worth 4 (four) Swiss francs. Today, the US dollar and the Swiss franc are practically at par. The euro may weaken further, and the pound sterling may fall depending on how Brexit is carried out. The Canadian dollar depends very much on Canadian mining and oil production, while the Swedish krona is under pressure due to the large expenditures due to welfare payments to the migrants. The Chinese renminbi does not figure at all in the US dollar index.

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