Clic Technology - Caution Is Advised

With the Bitcoin (BTC-USD) market back in full swing again, there are major opportunities in certain cryptocurrency-related stocks. Last month I had written about stocks that will benefit from a bitcoin boom, covering the major stocks in this space (mosly mining companies). Since then, however, a relatively unknown stock Click Technology (OTC:CLCI) has come to my attention in the wake of an enormous move lately from around 20 cents last week to reaching nearly $3 on Monday June 17, before crashing back down immediately after:

In this article I will investigate the cause of this move, CLCI's fundamentals and its various warning signs, of which there are many. CLCI is rather more interesting than other cryptocurrency stocks I have investigated, as it is not involved in the cryptocurrency mining business. Rather, they are in (or at least market themselves as being in) the business of allowing merchants to receive cryptocurrency payments that can then be converted to fiat currency, similar to its main competitor BitPay. Let's first take a look at what caused CLCI's recent move.

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