Charles Schwab CEO: Actually, We’re Killing It With Millennials4

At 58, Charles Schwab CEO Walt Bettinger is demographically a baby boomer. Sartorially, too: Speaking to a casually dressed, tech-oriented crowd at a beachside resort on Wednesday, he joked, "I fit in really well with my suit and tie."

But in an onstage interview at Fortune's Brainstorm Finance conference, Bettinger disputed the conventional wisdom that his legacy brokerage firm was at a disadvantage in serving the hoodies-and-Allbirds crowd. "The math backs it up: We're bringing in hundreds of thousands of millennials every year," Bettinger said What's more, "If you lay the generations side by side, Boomers and Gen X and Gen Y, they're not that different" in the products and services they seek.

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