3 key Notes on the Recent 250m USDT “Printing” on Ethereum’s Blockchain18

Every time the Bitcoin price shows signs of moving up, it is a matter of time until enthusiasts find some sort of link to potentially worrisome Tether behavior. These correlations will always be present, as not everything that happens is an illegal course of action. The recent “printing spree” Tether has been on shows 250 million Ethereum-based USDT has been brought into circulation. The bigger question is whether or not one should be concerned about it.

It has to be said, a Bitcoin price increase usually results in more USDT being brought into circulation. That is a big problem, according to a growing portion of the cryptocurrency industry. After all, many people still believe Tether is effectively manipulating the cryptocurrency market, which is also part of the reason why there appears to be an investigation taking place against this company.

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