Top 4 Fiat Currencies Valued at a Maximum of 1 Satoshi14

With a growing portion of the world dealing with financial turmoil, it is only to be expected local currencies are bleeding value in terms of purchasing power. When depicting the current value of these currencies in Bitcoin value, it quickly becomes apparent things are not looking too great. The following currencies are all valued at 1 Satoshi at this time, which is equal to 0.000001 Bitcoin.

Not too much is known about Paraguay in terms of finance, other than it being one of the poorest countries in South America these days. As such, the value of its local currency, the Paraguayan Guarani, is not looking too healthy by any means. One PYG is worth $0.00016 US Dollar, or 1 Satoshi. This means it would require 100 million PYG to buy one full Bitcoin at the current price, which would make Bitcoin holders in Paraguay genuine millionaires.

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