Report: 75% of EOS Transactions Churned By Bots

A damning report released by AnChain.AI has brought to the light the fact that over $6 million worth of transaction on the EOS platform is made by bots. AnChain.AI is a tech firm that provides the blockchain ecosystem with AI-powered security, and it said that the bot activity, which was both malicious and rampant run up those values in Q1 2019. The study is supposed to be the most immense of its kind done on malicious bots running on the EOS ecosystem.

In addition, the study also found out that at least 51 percent of all unique EOS accounts and 75 percent of all transactions as well were bot-driven. EOS is currently ranked as the 6th largest coin with a market cap of $6,587 million, changing hands at $6.32. However, the bot activity mentioned in the report threatens the integrity of such crypto market data.

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