June 2019 Cryptocurrency exchange report featuring the key data on exchange operations

Corindex has released a cryptocurrency exchange report for June 2019 featuring the key crypto exchange data as well as some insights on the actual value of coins during the analyzed period.

In cryptocurrency space, the actual price you can get for a coin often differs, sometimes drastically, from what is shown by cryptocurrency price aggregators or even displayed by the crypto exchange of your choice. And the disparity only increases depending on two main factors. Usually, the more you want to buy or sell, the more enticing a price you have to offer, so the volume of transaction is the first factor. The second one is the current volume of the coin or token pair you are interested in on the exchange you are using. Of course, there are things such as a currently dominant direction of the market, but they do not affect the price you are getting nearly as much as the aforementioned two. So now that we’ve noted that there is an actual difference between the monthly average price of the cryptocurrency and the price the most transactions are conducted at, let us take a look at Average Weighted Currency/USD Rate, factoring in the volume of performed transactions and rates those transactions are performed at.

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