New Bitcoin Scams to Look out for

Cryptocurrency market players have seen rapid ups and dramatic downs of Bitcoin price over the past few years. Having taken a nosedive from nearly $20,000 down to $6,000 in 2017–2018, and even below a $4,000 threshold in early 2019, the value of this popular crypto coin started bouncing back this spring and reached $8,000. Furthermore, experts predict a new BTC boom in another two years’ time.

Whereas the recent trend looks promising for hungry investors, it appears to have also become a major driving force for cybercriminals to reactivate their shenanigans in the Bitcoin ecosystem. In the not-so-distant past, cryptocurrency fans have been mostly targeted by fraudulent ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), phony coin exchange offers, and Ponzi schemes. Now, the scams have gotten an extra flavor of malware. The examples below shed light on the new tricks in crooks’ portfolio.

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