What if we combine Blockchain with Wearable Devices?

While Many eyes are focused on financial sector, the impact of blockchain on various other sectors is just interesting. We will witness in the next few years, it will surely mark the rise and fall of businesses within these sectors that either succeed or fail to adapt to transformative power that the blockchain can yield. There are several major challenges in healthcare that are currently being addressed with Blockchain and Technology. It is right that Blockchain can be highly beneficial to the global health, specially when it comes to smart wearable devices, that obviously in demand today.

The use of wearable devices ranges from practical tech such as digital smart watches that track health. According to survey, in the US there were 40% of millennials owns a wearable device. As this expands, modern technologies become increasingly important in monitoring our health and giving us access to personal data for self-management. Advancement in the fields of digital health, ehealth, telehealth, health information technology and telemedicine, have enabled remarkable improvements in health-care outcomes, and with mobile health (or mHealth) having a significant impact.

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