Tesla Prevents Employees From Chatting Anonymously Through Blind14

Technology companies face many external and internal threats. Hackers have shown a keen interest in exposing company secrets, by any means necessary. There is also the risk of having consumer-oriented products hacked by nefarious individuals, which can cripple any company’s reputation. Tesla, on the other hand, is trying a different approach to keep employee leaks in check. Starting this week, employees can no longer access the Blind chat app.

Given the current position Tesla finds itself in, keeping everything under tight wraps is in the company’s best interest. The competition among electric car manufacturers is heating up rapidly, thus no one can afford to have any information getting leaked. Ensuring all of these details are kept close to the company’s chest is a very difficult task, especially given how social media tends to make people loose-lipped with relative ease these days. As such, technology companies are often forced to take some invasive countermeasures.

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