Top 4 Reasons to be Excited About Scaling Blockchains With ZK-STARKs10

Scaling existing blockchain solution remains an ongoing challenge for nearly all projects. In the case of virtually all major cryptocurrencies, a few interesting proposals have been submitted over the past few months. StarkDEX is a project which utilizes a slightly different solution known as ZK-STARKs. This has nothing to do with the major House in Game of Thrones, although it may end up saving some projects which are running atop the Ethereum blockchain.

As is usually the case, a STARK is an acronym for several complicated words. The full name is Zero Knowledge Scalable Transparent Argument of Knowledge. It is not the same as ZK-SNARKs which are often used to introduce additional privacy or even a degree of anonymity to existing blockchain infrastructures or cryptocurrency projects. The STARk is a solution which is helpful for any project looking to scale beyond what is traditionally possible using the current infrastructure.

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