6 Awesome 3D-printed Projects Worth Taking Note of12

In the world of 3D printed ventures, there are tons of creative individuals. People can make their wildest dreams come true if they put in sufficient time and effort. The following examples all show what one can create with a clear vision and some dedication. Despite the potential of this technology, it would appear 3D printing has not captured too many consumers’ hearts just yet.

In most cases, people would think of 3D printing as a way to help people who deal with an injury or a minor disability. A lot of such projects and tools exist, but one Reddit user took things to a whole different level. He effectively 3D printed a part of a forearm for a friend, While some people may consider this to bring even more attention to the handicap, the prosthetic arm doesn’t look out of place that much. Only upon closer inspection, one can see there is a gap between the forearm stump and the prosthetic hand. As long as the end user is happy with the result, that is all that matters.

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