Baltimore’s Ransomware Mess Is Its Own Fault—Cyber Saturday70

Since early May, Baltimore has been grappling with a city-crippling ransomware attack. A fiery debate has erupted within the information security community over who is to blame for the mess.

The match that lit the blaze: A story published by the The New York Times last weekend claiming the U.S. National Security Agency is partly responsible for helping to spread the computer-seizing digital infection. The report alleges that hackers used malware, dubbed RobbinHood, paired with EternalBlue, a powerful, self-propagating hacking tool allegedly developed by the NSA to target (now outdated) Microsoft Windows software. The code behind EternalBlue leaked online at the hands of a mysterious, still-unknown entity called the ShadowBrokers in 2017, and nation state actors have used the weapon to launch destructive cyberattacks--including North Korea’s WannaCry and Russia’s NotPetya--costing billions of dollars in damages for businesses and governments around the globe.

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