4 Reasons why EY’s Nightfall Privacy Toolset for Ethereum is a big Thing14

In the cryptocurrency world, there is a growing focus on privacy-centric features. Whereas not every project offers that particular option, it seems Ethereum can now be added to this list. This is only possible up to a certain degree, as the first set of privacy protocols has only just been released. Even so, it is a major development to see Nightfall being made accessible to the bigger public.

For those who are unfamiliar with how this new set of protocols work, it is not a community-driven project. That is a bit unusual in the Ethereum industry, as most of the proposals, improvements, and projects are either built by the actual developers or the community. Most of these projects tend to be rather successful in their own regard, albeit it is good to see some of the bigger names contribute to Ethereum as well. EY is a well-respected consultancy firm and they have shown a keen interest in Ethereum for some time now.

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