Fairer freelancing. Can blockchain stop payment problems?

Freelancing may be a growing trend, but it is still like the Wild West when it comes to getting paid for your work. Late payments are a common problem faced by front end developers, writers, UX designers, blockchain developers, and everyone else — as someone who has worked remotely for four years, I know this all too well. But compared to the number of people struggling to get paid at all, late payments are nothing.

My friend Jorge, a freelance graphic designer, is desperately trying to get paid for six weeks of his work. A year ago he was hired by a large reputable company — at first everything worked fine, the company had a lot of design work and was paying regularly, so Jorge gradually dropped his other clients to focus on this one. Several months later, the manager who hired Jorge suddenly stopped replying to his emails. That month no payment arrived for Jorge. Jorge became stressed but continued working on his tasks for another two weeks, as he believed he had a good working relationship with the company. Eventually, Jorge found out that the manager he worked with was fired, the company was going through difficult times and no one seemed to be going to pay him for his work, or even contact him. As soon as the company faced internal problems, they immediately forgot about the freelancers working for them. Unfortunately, this happens a lot in the gig economy as employers don’t seem to take freelance work seriously.

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