OG Bitcoin Investor: BTC Hitting $250,000 Next Run is Entirely Possible

The Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency space is full of great minds. When you’re dealing with a revolution in technology and money, this shouldn’t be surprising. But what is surprising is the models and metrics that investors have used to determine “fair valuations” for digital assets, especially BTC.

Trace Mayer, one of the earliest public Bitcoin investors (like 2010 early) and an investor in crypto exchange Kraken, recently took to Twitter to state that “crypto winter” is now over. In fact, Mayer accentuates that with the block reward halving being under one year out and with Bitcoin transaction fees being non-elastic, he is sure that the next rally in this nascent market will “blow your hair back”. In fact, the investor states that Bitcoin could easily hit anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000 in the next bull rally.

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