Amazon Offers a $25 Gift Card in Exchange for Taking Your Full Body Scan14

It is evident technology giants are desperate to gain new insights into their consumers. Whether it is on the emotional level or on a physical level, the thirst for more sensitive information seems insatiable. For Amazon, its newest venture will undoubtedly spark a lot of heated debates. At this time, the company wants to 3D-scan human’s bodies in exchange for a $25 gift card.

It has been a very interesting week for Amazon, although not necessarily for the right reasons. The company is exploring many new business models, albeit most of them will raise a lot of questions.  Earlier this week, it became apparent Amazon is filing a patent to build a new wearable device which will analyze customer emotions. While that product has not been confirmed to become a commercial venture just yet, one has to wonder how the company would handle all of that data.

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