MakerDAO Governance & Risk: Dai continues to trade at $1 after tranquil week in wider crypto market

With Dai trading at its target peg for a second week in a row, participants on this week’s MakerDAO Governance & Risk call focused their discussion around the relative merits of decreasing the Stability Fee and, more broadly, unearthing the types of data that can provide a sense as to whether this realization of the peg should be considered a local or global phenomenon.

For the first time in MakerDAO’s history, this week we saw the Executive Vote contender proposal fail to pass. Fluctuating between 1k and 33k MKR, over the course of the previous 7 days the 2% decrease proposal failed to come close to surpassing the 117k MKR currently staked towards maintaining the Stability Fee at 19.5%.

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