Justin Sun, Co-founder Tron (TRX): “Chinese Companies Must Put in 5X the Effort to subvert Public Perception”

The supreme objective of NEO and Tron is to make the blockchain future better, faster, secure and useful. Although NEO is unfairly described as the “Ethereum of China”, it should be observed and noted that objective of Da Hang is to create a smart economy based on the blockchain. It rightfully deserves it position as an alternative, smart contracting platform and a worthy competitor of Ethereum, not a version or a clone of “Ethereum”.

However, challenging NEO is Tron, an aggressive Chinese blockchain company that is not only building but is aggressive creating ramps where users can migrate from Ethereum to their scalable and decentralized platform. Like NEO both have smart contracting capabilities but on a lower level, NEO is inclined to shape crowd-funding and create a smart economy. Tron, however, is “out to embrace the world” and aspire to “to become companies like Alibaba Group or Byte Dance (famous for TouTiao or Today’s Headline app) whose products are used by people all over the world.”

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