Bullish: Crypto Community In Shock Over Recent Bitcoin Price Resilience7

Since the start of April, Bitcoin has been on a massively bullish rally, leaving bearish traders and the altcoin market in its dust. The rally began with a break of resistance at $4,200 that caused the price of the leading crypto by market cap spike $1,000 over an hour. According to research, the entire move was orchestrated by a single actor, aiming to cause as much price impact as possible.

The bullish momentum has been so strong, not even major negative news in the crypto market has been able to stop Bitcoin’s ascent. Despite some of the worst Tether FUD to hit the space yet, coupled with a hack of what most considered to be the most secure cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin has repeatedly bounced back, shocking the crypto community over its resilience in the face of news that would in the past have sent the price of the first ever cryptocurrency plummeting to new lows.

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