Is Peer-to-Peer Messaging Getting Worse at Protecting Your Privacy?

Peer-to-peer messaging has become the life force of communication, not just for individuals but for online businesses as well. With today’s social media being the main distribution platform, messaging in this environment is the ideal medium for user engagement. Even though it plays such a large role in our lives, concerns are being brought up:

In most cases, the answers are disappointing. This could make you think that peer-to-peer messaging is getting worse, especially from a privacy standpoint. However, in this article, we’re going to prove you wrong. Blockchain technology answers both of these questions in one shot, by using default encryption and direct cryptocurrency rewards. Ghost Talk is one current project leveraging today’s latest blockchain technology. But before getting to understand why their solution could deliver true private communication, let’s examine the pros and cons of the messaging apps you’re currently using.

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