Top 17 Hottest Cryptocurrencies not in the Top 10014

In the cryptocurrency world, most traders and enthusiasts focus on the coins in the top 100 market cap. That is only normal, as those rankings contain the projects with a higher chance of success in terms of making people money. However, the dark horses in this race should never be overlooked by any means. Outside of the top 100, the following projects could make a name for themselves in the years to come.

Contrary to most people’s expectations, a lot of well-known cryptocurrency projects are not in the market cap top 100 at this time. Notable examples include ReddCoin, Syscoin, Storj, NXT, Viacoin, Namecoin, and much more. It is uncanny how the value of all of those coins has either collapsed altogether, or the projects simply are not attracting sufficient attention for one reason or another. Some of these projects have a fair chance of re-entering the market cap top 100 without too many problems, but maintaining that position is a different matter altogether.

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