The State of the Blockchain Gaming Industry

As a “next generation computing platform”, blockchain enables entirely new functionalities in the gaming world: first, the ability to trade digital assets between games, and, secondly, the ability to trade digital assets between gamers directly. These two new functionalities offer entirely new open marketplaces and ecosystems, allowing gamers and game developers to usher in a new era of inter-connected games. Since gaming, first and foremost, is about fun experiences and addictive gameplay, the blockchain games that will succeed will be the ones that successfully balance compelling gameplays with the new economics embedded via blockchain. The balance is tricky because the games have to be fun while also balancing new functionality, which shouldn’t detract from the fun gameplay itself.

Try to imagine a gaming universe that allows a lot more opportunity for gamers to participate in the creation of the gaming world itself. In this universe, games have well documented public API, and it’s easy to build useful tools for the communities that play the games. Even more importantly, assets acquired in one game may be traded for assets from other games, or even used in other games directly. All of this is enabled “for free” by building games on the blockchain.

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