IOTA Rallying by 18,300 Percent to $55 is Possible, Ardent Bull Confident

The IOTA Foundation is behind a project whose objective is to commandeer the world of Internet of Things (IoT). Even so, the coin that will power that revolutionary hyper-connected world is trading at around 30 cents, with billions in circulation and pre-mined. Regardless of price, it’s the possibilities and low competition that supporters are convinced the next bull wave would see the asset’s price spike to $55 when IOTA has control of 10 percent of the IoT space.

According to a cryptocurrency analyst, Taipei Style, IOTA has the potential to surge 18,333 percent to $55 within a tentative time frame—which maybe years upon the complete roll out of 5G internet. In a tweet, the IoT fanatic and an ardent supporter says IOTA says the progress towards domination would happen in lock steps.

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