Taking Advantage of the pixEOS Smart Economy

With an exchange listing for PIXEOS Tokens just around the corner, the pixEOS team is busy at work. A number of features that will build merit in the platform are scheduled to go live in anticipation of PIXEOS Tokens being in the hands of a wider audience of crypto users. Many are familiar with the crypto term “hodl,” which means to hold onto cryptocurrency rather than selling. As these platform features integrate with and enhance the pixEOS smart economy, now more than ever, the incentive to hodl onto PIXEOS Tokens has never been stronger.

From the start our team has been focused on giving back to the community that makes up our base. We’re constantly running promotions, contests, and rewarding participants by means of the smart economy underlying the pixEOS platform. The distribution mechanism behind this smart economy is the staking system that offers daily PIXEOS Token rewards, and a weekly EOS reward based on overall platform volume to stakers. As the platform continues to grow, each additional facet that goes live will act as a pillar upholding the staking system, bolstering the integrity of the pixEOS profit-sharing network.

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