50% Of Institutions Crypto-Friendly, Fidelity Survey Reveals

All things considered, many common Joes and Jills would think that it is irrational for institutions to be delving into digital assets. According to a recent survey conducted by Fidelity Investments’ Digital Asset division, however, such investors are clamoring for crypto and blockchain, Bitcoin (BTC) included.

In a recent Medium post and accompanying document, the Boston-based firm revealed that more than 22% of institutional investors that they surveyed, which includes endowments, family offices, industry funds, traditional hedge funds, and so on and so forth, already have “some exposure” to digital assets, with many of said investments occurring within the past 36 months. What’s more is that 40% of the “more than 400” surveyed, which are all U.S.-based, intend to look into crypto-related investments over the next five years.

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