Blockchain: The Future is Calling

It’s 2019 and everyone is talking about blockchain technology. Call it a fad or futuristic, blockchain is one of the buzzword of this decade. Research shows that 65% of businesses with more than 10 thousand employees are either considering adoption or already using the technology. Thanks to intense media scrutiny on the roller-coaster ride of bitcoin’s price, blockchains and cryptocurrencies are now part of everyday conversations. It is still early days and like any other emerging technology, blockchain is going though boom and bust cycles. Gartner says that most companies are still not able to make use of it disruptively because their current legacy systems are centralized. Consequently, smaller firms will drive disruptive development more than larger risk-averse organizations. Here’s how we think that the future will look like for blockchains, and how blockchains will impact the future.

Blockchain Interoperability

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