How to Protect Your Financial Data Like a Spy

In any movie that involves an intelligence agent on the run from the government, the first things she discards are her phone and credit cards. The reasoning behind the first is quite obvious — since any phone can be tracked, but the same is true about credit cards.

We live in a society that is becoming increasingly cashless. In the West, people are relying on credit cards and in the East, especially china, people are relying on phone wallets like AliPay. As we walk down the path of the extinction of physical cash, spy movies might start displaying agents bartering for their meals since cash won’t be an alternative to credit cards. Even though the chance of me some day becoming a secret spy are bleak at best, I recognize the importance of privacy. I don’t recognize its importance because I am a fan of privacy; I’m one of the millennials willing to give up every inch of privacy for convenience. I’m recognizing the importance of privacy because I know that not everyone is like me.

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