Electrum Botnet Steals $4.6m in Bitcoin From Over 150,000 Victims18

The cryptocurrency community remains subject to a lot of potential scams in this day and age. Although that is nothing new, it would appear some of these attacks are a lot more successful than others. One recently discovered “Electrum botnet” has successfully stolen $4.6m worth of Bitcoin from victims in recent months. It is expected over 150,000 users have been infected by this malware already.

When it comes to dealing with cryptocurrencies and their associated wallets, nearly all projects have a version of Electrum available to its users. In the case of Bitcoin, it would appear the Electrum wallet has been very popular for some time now, which also makes it a prone target for criminals and individuals with nefarious intentions. It would appear a dedicated botnet is now targeting these users, and is doing so in a rather successful manner as well.

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