Tune-Yards Singer Merrill Garbus: “Fuck a Grammy, Man, We Gotta Save the Planet”

Earlier in April, Oakland, Calif.-based indie-poppers Tune-Yards released their score for Sorry to Bother You, a magically realistic social satire about race and corporate America by first-time director (and fellow musician) Boots Riley. But because it’s a score, and one for a movie that came out last summer at that, it’s not getting the same sort of attention that Tune-Yard’s last proper album, early 2018’s I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life, received. Which is a shame, because as band founder Merrill Garbus points out, the new release—full of loops and film samples and surprising sounds—is among some of their very best work.

We recently spoke to Garbus and her Tune-Yards collaborator (and husband) Nate Brenner about working on the Sorry to Bother You score, almost buying a bitcoin, and no longer caring (much) about the Grammys.

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