Electrum Wallet Botnet Infects 150,000 Machines, Steals $4.6 Million in User Funds14

A botnet that has been targeting Electrum users just won’t quit. If anything, it seems to be picking up more hosts along the way and getting stronger. In the past month, the number of infected hosts has averaged 100,000. On April 24, the number went up to 152,000 according to a report by security firm Malwarebytes Labs. Since detection on April 4, the botnet has stolen over $4.6 million in users’ funds.

As we reported earlier this month, Electrum announced on Twitter that it had suffered a denial of service (DoS) attack. At the time, the botnet behind the attack had pooled together the power of 140,000 machines. It targeted Electrum clients who were using the old version of the wallet.

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