“Absolute Lowest” Bitcoin Will Reach Is $4,000, BTC To Soon Leave Current Levels “Forever”

Is the bottom in? That the question that has been paining cryptocurrency investors for weeks and months now. According to popular analyst Moon Overlord, known for his astute noticings about long-term Bitcoin (BTC) cycles, this asset class may just have bottomed. He looks to historical trends, which show that after a capitulation event, BTC begins to trade in a slightly-sloped uptrend. In 2012, the uptrend was angled at 15 degrees, in 2015, 11 degrees. The fact that Bitcoin is currently holding an 11 degree uptrend, just like it did in 2015, led Overlord to the conclusion that BTC is currently in a “clear accumulation period.”

After each #bitcoin bear market there's a clear accumulation period.You're likely in it right now, and time's almost up.$BTC pic.twitter.com/Rymc3E9UiS

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