New Pilot From Jaguar Shares Your Driving Activities With “Local Authorities”2

Never “hunt for loose change” again, says Jaguar! The car company is implementing a novel technology (blockchain!) to ensure that your driving life is as convenient as possible, in exchange for the oh-so-small sacrifice of sharing your car’s personal data.

At its software engineering headquarters in Shannon, Ireland, Jaguar Land Rover is testing out cars with smart wallets. Through a partnership with the IOTA Foundation, which has built an open source blockchain for the Internet of Things, drivers of these cars will be able to earn IOTA coin rewards every time their vehicles report things like potholes or heavy traffic. Then, next time those drivers pass a toll booth with their crypto-heavy wallets, the car will automatically pay their tolls—kind of like an E-ZPass, only a lot more technically complicated. Drivers can get other rewards for their cars sharing data, too, such as coffee (participating coffee vendors have not been named).

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