5 Twitch Streamers Accepting Basic Attention Token Tips – April 2019 Edition16

The current list of verified Brave publishers continues to grow. This has triggered a lot of excitement among Basic Attention Token supporters, as they hope to see the BAT price increase over time. While it is too early to draw real conclusions, the following five Twitch channels are all verified Brave browser publishers at this time. This also means they can be supported directly with BAT by their fans.

For most of the Twitch community, the popular streaming platform is all about watching others play video games. For some, this is an option to gauge whether or not they should buy a specific game in the future. Teldoo, who has over 2.66m views on his channel, can now be supported directly with Basic Attention Token. His latest playthroughs involve playing Prey, Anno 1800, and Risk of Rain 2. This person has been streaming for several years now, this his decision to become a verified browser publisher is rather intriguing.

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