Crypto Browser Wars: Brave vs. Gab’s Dissenter18

Developers active in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency often try to improve upon existing infrastructures. In the case of the Brave browser, it would appear at least one forked version of the code exists already. Known as Dissenter – by Gab –  it seems this alternative project is looking to get rid of the BAT rewards completely and pay users in Bitcoin directly. An interesting approach, albeit there is no guarantee for success whatsoever.

As an open source project, the Brave browser has garnered a lot of attention. The involvement of a Mozilla co-founder will certainly contribute to this success accordingly. There is also the actual business model, which provides a faster browsing experience, rewards from contributors to content creators directly, and an option to get either rid of ads or get paid to watch them. All of these aspects make Brave a very prominent solution for Internet users around the world, even though the project will struggle to rival Chrome, Firefox, and even Edge.

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