The NSA Seeks to End its Mass Phone Surveillance Project14

In this day and age of technology and mass surveillance, the NSA has gotten a very bad reputation in quick succession. This is primarily the result of the agency’s own doing and how they have seemingly gone all-in on mass phone surveillance in the US and beyond. That situation may now come to change, as the agency officially recommends to end its phone surveillance program. A very surprising turn of events which is met with plenty of skepticism.

It is not all that common for government agencies to go back on their mass surveillance efforts out of the blue. In the case of the NSA, it would appear the agency is more than pleased to recommend the White House to end its phone surveillance program. For those who have no idea what this project entails, it officially allows the NSA to collect US-based phone calls and text messages alike. It is unclear how long this mass surveillance tool has been in place, although many sources claim it has been around since late 2001.

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