EOS Price Heads to $5 Despite Hitting 1 Million Account Milestone16

Even though Bitcoin still shows no signs of slowing down, the top alternative markets wouldn’t mind to see things turn around ever so slightly. More specifically, all of the top altcoins are still in the red, with the EOS price drifting slightly lower every hour. Even though its current price point is still more than acceptable, one has to wonder how things will evolve over the next few hours and days.

Even though it is far from uncommon to see altcoins lose value when Bitcoin goes on a tear, it remains to be seen if and when things will turn around for EOS and its “competitors”. As of right now, Bitcoin seems to be struggling slightly on the hourly chart, thus it is possible there may be some relief for the altcoins out there. For EOS, things are not looking too great right now, but it seems unlikely the price will drop below $4.5 anytime soon.

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