John McAfee Claims Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Is Still Alive (And Kicking)

Wow. What a debacle this whole Satoshi Nakamoto thing has become! Weeks ago, Craig Wright, an Australian programmer and long-time Bitcoin enthusiast, doubled-down on his claims that he is the creator of the cryptocurrency, eliciting a response from the community. While some agreed with Wright’s statement, others begged to differ.

In one case, John McAfee, the creator of the antivirus software that shares his surname, revealed that he knows “the true identity of Satoshi.” The cryptocurrency diehard, who has kind of become the industry’s go-to Presidential candidate (McAfee 2020… anybody?), added that he is “100%” sure it is not Wright, asking the coder if he has no shame. McAfee later added that over the next week, he would expose bit-by-bit who kicked off the crypto revolution.

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