XRP Price Goes in the red as XRP/BTC Drops Below 6,000 Satoshi14

As Bitcoin seems to continue its very dominant run without missing a beat, one has to wonder how things will pan out for all of the alternative markets. In most cases, the competitors will lose tremendous value in their BTC ratio, which pushes down the USD value as well. If the XRP price is any indicator, the top markets will start to slip pretty soon. It is evident there is plenty of pressure, but it can be overcome without too many problems.

Over the past few months, it has become more than apparent XRP is not necessarily performing as expected. Although its USD value is not doing all that bad by any means, the XRP/BTC ratio is getting beat up fairly regularly. Even today, there are still further losses to keep an eye on, which is not making traders feel at ease. As a result, its USD-based value is also dipping in the red already.

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