Stablecoins in 2019 (Are we are not there yet ?)

In 2017 USDT (Tether USD) is no doubt an undeniable market dominant. A year later — 2018 there were a bit more than several dozen projects reported. As of 2019, there are now more than two hundred of them. Some projects out of the “first pack” have already shut down, some are for the time being are still only news of intentions, but it can be safely said that at least hundreds of stablecoin projects are at different stages of development now.

As for the stablecoins that are in production and live, those traded on the exchanges, there isn’t much to track as well. With the help of CoinMarketCap, I managed to find data on the 23 stablecoins so far. It will be easier to group the coins by the binding object and the collateral type. The categories would be as following.

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