XRP Price Moves up as $0.34 is Within Reach18

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are known for diversifying their portfolio. Albeit Ripple’s XRP is not a cryptocurrency by definition, it is traded on crypto exchanges and against other cryptocurrencies. It also allows traders to make some good money if the value shifts in a positive manner. Right now, the XRP price seems to be somewhat bullish, as there are strong gains in both USD and BTC value alike.

The past few weeks have been a mixed bag for Ripple’s XRP asset. At least in the price department, there have been ups and downs across the board, which ultimately nearly negate done another. As such, it seemed as if there would be no exciting price action for some time to come. Today has already shown there is still plenty of momentum in the tank, as a healthy uptrend has begun to materialize. How long it will remain in place, is a different matter altogether.

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