Stellar Price Resumes Push to $0.12 yet XLM/BTC Looks Bearish16

Whereas most cryptocurrency markets noted very strong momentum last night, it seems another shakeup might occur pretty soon. There is no real bearish pressure to speak of just yet, but it seems a continuation of this strong uptrend might pose its own set of challenges. The Stellar price is still inching up, but its losses in BTC value can easily negate the push to $0.12.

Volatility is nothing new in the cryptocurrency industry by any means. Bitcoin, altcoins, tokens, and assets all see very odd market shifts, even if they don’t always make sense at that time. For now, most of the top markets remain in the green as they cling to minor gains first and foremost. However, it seems a few of these alternatives deal with pressure on their internal ratio over Bitcoin. That can trigger some minor USD losses if this trend keeps up.

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