An Anarchist in Mormon Country: Trent Larson of Medici Land Ventures2

The cryptocurrency community is packed to the gills with figures fascinating for their burned bridges, depravity, stubbornness, scar tissue, and sheer, unmitigated volume. In that sea of wailing, Trent Larson manages to stand out by being the opposite: quiet and subdued, except for the nitroglycerin he stores in his brain.

Though he’s not a fan of titles, Larson is Principal Software Developer for Medici Land Governance, one of a dozen-odd projects under the auspices of’s Medici Ventures. He is gangly, quick to smile, and a subdued and careful speaker, in keeping with his Mormon background. His hair is a crisp flat-top, and on the day we spoke, he wore a pressed, button-down shirt and slacks, finished off with a pair of shiny penny loafers (without any apparent irony). At first blush, he might be mistaken for a fifty-something reincarnation of Fred Rogers, a youth pastor, or the manager of a prosperous small-town plant nursery.

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